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8 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

In restaurants, QSR’s and bars, electronic menu boards are becoming the norm. The generations who have grown up with technology expect to see brands carry it from online to in-store. As a result, companies in the food and beverage industry are ditching their old static signage and adopting digital menu boards.

Digital menu displays and restaurant menu boards are replacing static signage as a way to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z. In fact, 49% of millennials prefer digital menu boards to paper methods (Toasttab, 2018). McDonald’s is a prime example of a restaurant chain that took advantage of these new trends by rolling out fast food menu boards and interactive kiosks.

If you’re thinking about moving to digital restaurant menu boards, here are the top 8 benefits:

8 Key Advantages to Digital Menu Boards in Restaurants

1. Reduce Dwell Times

Queue management is a significant concern for any restaurant. Keeping your lines short reduces customer frustration, increases the number of sales you can process in a day and ensures prospects aren’t turned away – possibly to the competition.

A recent study showed that moving to a tv menu board vs a text-based board reduced wait time by a whopping 39%. This led to an average weekly sales increase of a staggering 29.5%.  According to the study, “… images enable guests to make faster decisions, and they end up spending more money as a result.” (LivingRetailla).

2. Manage Menu Items

Want to make a quick change to your menu board? Perhaps trial a new product for a short period, or add or delete a menu item?

TV screen menu boards or digital menu board software gives you complete control. Upsell, cross-sell or offer a flash promotion to sell off an aging item. You are only ever a few clicks, and possibly a new image, away from driving those sales.

3. Manage Margins

As the price of your cost of goods changes, your margins can be compromised. Quickly change your item price to reflect your current costs and keep your margins where they need to be.

digital menu board in a restaurant

4. Dayparting

Dedicate all your signage area to the items you are selling at any time of the day. No more jamming your breakfast or lunch menu into one section of your board with little or no images to aid in the sale. Using digital menu board templates ensure food items, nutritional information, and prices are easy to read.

Want to see an even greater increase in sales with digital menu boards? In the same study quoted above, average weekly sales increased by 10.2% with static images on the boards (vs text only boards). However, with content that moves, sales increased by a whopping 25.6% (vs text only boards).

5. Consistent Messaging and Promotions Across all Locations

Do you have more than one location? It’s often tricky, with busy employees and competing priorities, to ensure your offers, messaging and branding are consistent across all locations at any given time.

Digital signage software puts you in control. Manage your message the way you want and when you want. It will protect your brand and your margins. Use a media player to create your digital media menu boards and update whenever you want.

6. Remain Competitive

It’s impossible to know what your competition is about to offer at any given time, but digital restaurant signage helps you adjust on the fly. Being able to react quickly to your competition’s latest promotion ensures that you stay on top of the game.

7. Effortlessly Comply with Board Regulations

Is your business compliant with menu board regulations? Move to a restaurant tv menu and easily add calories and nutritional information. Want to change the product? No problem. Digital signage gives you the flexibility to react to the needs of your business on a moments notice.

8. Reduce Costs

The costs associated with creating, printing and shipping print boards are a thing of the past with restaurant digital menu boards.

Moving to digital signage has immense benefits in the restaurant industry today, but it’s important to make sure that digital signage is right for your business and brand.


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