Automotive Digital Signage

Turn walk-ins into buyers, and promote high-margin service upsell with dealership digital signage.

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Benefits of Using Auto Digital Signage

Educate Your Customers

Generate demand for your services, package offers, and featured models with self-service terminals

Increase Conversions

Close deals faster by clearly advertising in-stock models, extended warranties, and protection plans to showroom visitors.

Foster Healthy Competition

Recognize your best-performing employees and sales associates with digital leaderboards that encourages and motivates your team.
Move More Inventory With Car Dealership Digital Signage

Move More Inventory With Car Dealership Digital Signage

Digital signs in automotive dealerships can increase sales of featured vehicles by more than 30%. And will help you move stuck inventory (like last year’s model).

But the benefits don’t stop there. VIEWitMEDIA has decades of experience helping dealerships like yours to:


  • Sell more vehicles, warranties, and services with persuasive messaging and attention-grabbing signage
  • Keep clients engaged and reduce their perceived wait times
  • Effortlessly update all signs and promote corporate messaging requirements with simple-to-use software
  • Save on recurring printing costs by eliminating unnecessary static signage

Car Dealership Digital Signage Concepts

The Impact of Digital Signage in Dealerships

10X More

Attention than static signage

30% Lift

In featured product sales

80% Growth

In visitor satisfaction and experience

40% Reduction

In the perceived wait time

Auto Digital Signage Types

Automotive Menu Board

Increase sales of high-margin vehicles, sell out your overstocked inventory and educate customers on your latest models.

Service Boards

Reduce perceived wait times, upsell service packages, and increase awareness of your service offerings with automotive menu service boards.

Lobby Digital Displays

Welcome walk-ins, direct them to the proper department and improve customer engagement with digital displays in the waiting area.

Digital Bulletin Board

Share company updates and social media feeds with your employees, create sales leaderboards, and recognize exceptional sales employees to motivate your team.

Transparent LED Displays

Turn windshields into beautiful and engaging digital screens to display price, promotions, and informative content about the vehicle.

Video Wall

Instantly win customer attention in the showroom with beautiful, large-format video walls. Display promotions and services to increase upsells and bottom-line sales.

How Auto Menu Boards Drive Business

Easily Update Displays
Use our templates and design services to quickly launch new content, advertise new models (and used), and feature overstocked inventory.
Keep Your Dealership Top-of-Mind
Gain 40% more engagement with digital signs (compared to static signage) by using relevant content, and increase the likelihood that walk-ins will remember your dealership.
Reduce Operating Costs
Reduce the need for spending on monthly static signage, leaflets, and sales catalogues.
Promote Your Corporate Brand
Instantly advertise and display your corporate messaging across all screens (and in all dealerships) with easy remote access.
Keep Customers Engaged
Deploy digital signage in your customer lounge to decrease perceived wait times, keep your customers engaged, and deliver timely promotions.
Streamline Sales Appointments
Automate reception tasks and ensure your customers know where they need to go and when.
Car Dealership Digital Signage Setup Process


Work with us to identify your dealership’s bottom line goals, flag potential issues, and lay the groundwork for a successful deployment in the automotive industry.



We will help build a strategic plan and develop the content for your dealership. Or, we can easily deploy content provided by the manufacturer.


Develop and Deploy 

We’ll find and recommend the most ideal displays (and features) to achieve your goals on budget, and deploy everything from start to end. 


Monitor and Review

The work doesn’t stop at deployment. We work with your team to monitor the performance of the digital signage roll out and provide ongoing recommendations to improve performance. 


Give Your Clients a Modern Dealership Experience

Start as early as tomorrow

  • Sell more vehicles and services by putting relevant and timely offers in front of your customers
  • Improve your customer experience by decreasing perceived wait times and improving signage engagement

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