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Convert visitors into paying customers with a digital kiosk.

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Deliver the best user experience with interactive Digital Kiosks

Installing a touchless digital signage kiosk is the best way to keep your customers engaged. 

These interactive digital kiosks grab attention and enhance the customer experience.

  • Manage your digital kiosk from anywhere in the world from a single device.
  • Kiosk digital signage can be placed in your lobby, near your counter, or anywhere in your business that experiences high foot traffic.
  • Digital kiosk solutions are less expensive than traditional print advertising and signage. Saving you money while boosting your revenue.
  • With our digital signage kiosk, you can reach your KPIs with our custom design services.

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The Benefits of Digital Kiosks

Share Promotions

Interactive kiosks give you the opportunity to easily share promotions with every customer that visits your store.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Installing an electronic directory or digital information kiosk in your lobby is a great way to stand out and give your customers a better experience.

Your Sales

Using a touch screen kiosk, you can easily advertise all of your products and services while saving
retail space.

Go Touch-free

Using an anti-microbial interactive kiosk that sanitizes you, your employees, and your visitors.

Ease of Use

Interactive kiosks can be easily shifted, allowing you to change the location of the kiosk as needed.

The Impact of Interactive Kiosks

Increase in customer satisfaction.
More impact than traditional print signage.
30 %
Sales increase in products and services advertised on digital kiosks.
40 %
Reduction in perceived customer wait times.
Digital Kiosks in Your Industry


Advertise a wide range of products, upcoming sales, and customer membership programs.


Install a digital information kiosk to help customers check-in for appointments, and navigate through large office buildings.


Use a digital kiosk to display menus, advertise daily specials, and allow guests to check-in for reservations or order food.

Banking & Financial Services

Display interest rates and stock market information or advertise financial products such as loans and savings accounts.


Touch screen stands can be used for easy check-outs or in lobbies to help guests find the best tourist spots.


Digital kiosk solutions can be used to help students check-in for appointments and help visitors find their way around.

The Benefits of Digital Wayfinding Signage Solutions

Create Customer Engagement

Interactive touch screen solutions attract customers’ attention and focus, keeping them interested in the goods and services you’re


Investing in an interactive kiosk is a great way to find long-term savings. Over time, the cost is far lower than printing advertisements, catalogs, or leaflets.

Create Memorable Experiences

Imprint your brand in customers’ memories by creating a unique, interactive, in-store
experience with a
digital kiosk.

Increase Sales

Notify customers of in-demand products, current sales, and specials with information kiosks, keeping them up-to-date with your latest news.

Easily Update Displays

Our digital kiosk displays are easy to update with pre-made, customizable templates that you can manage and change from a single device.

Build Trust

Build trust with your customers by providing them with valuable information on lobby kiosks, such as weather, news, and sports highlights.
Our Process


Our team will work with you directly to identify your goals and create an electronic building directory that provides high ROI.



We help you develop a strategic content plan that keeps your visitors engaged and informed.


Develop and Deploy 

We’ll analyze your needs, budget, and space to help you determine the best digital wayfinding signage for your business.


Monitor and Review

We continue working with you after deployment to ensure you’ve picked the best solution for your needs.

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