Digital Menu Boards

Create dynamic digital menu board designs to share specials, display menu selections, and slash waiting times.

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Take Advantage of Our Digital Menu Board Software

Keep the
Lineup Moving

Create clear electronic menu boards that reduce wait times and help customers place their orders quickly.

Increase Your Average
Dollar Per Transaction Amount

Highlight your menu’s best items and upsizing options to increase your average DPT.

Show Off
Your Brand

Use high-definition videos and images to enhance your brand’s image and impress your customers.

Boost Your Restaurant’s Revenue with the #1 Electronic Menu Board in the Industry

Modernize your restaurant with touchless, easy to use and easy to deploy digital signage.

  • Setup is easy — Our electronic menu boards require minimal hardware and our team will handle the installation for you.
  • Customize displays by choosing from a variety of creative templates and layouts that give your menu personality and make your restaurant stand out.
  • Collectively, our team has over 40 years of expertise in digital menu board design and installation.
  • Automatic dayparting allows you to display different menu selections at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time.
  • Engage your customers and visitors in modern ways that will surely grab their attention using our digital menu board designs
  •  We work within your budget and can deploy digital menus in your restaurant without breaking your budget.

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Digital Menu Boards By the Numbers

30 %
Increase in sales for featured menu items
40 %
Reduction in perceived customer wait times.
Improvement in customer satisfaction.
More customer engagement when compared with traditional signage.
Tech Specs

Our Digital Menu Boards Solutions


Use our pre-designed templates or easily customize your menu display using simple digital menu boards software.

Automatic Scheduling

Automatically schedule menu changes daily, weekly, or monthly to display new specials and changes to menu selections at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Multiple Menus

Easily add or remove menu zones and templates to display menu selections such as beverages, appetizers, sides, and desserts.

Easily Edit

Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to update your menu boards from anywhere in the world using cloud-based digital menu software.

Slash Wait Times

Videos and dynamic content appeal to and engage customers waiting in line and can reduce their perceived wait times by as much as 40%.

Faster Orders

Organize your menu using colors, photos, and categories to help customers make their decisions faster.

Our Process


Our team of experts helps you determine digital menu board solutions that best suit your restaurant needs.



We take the time to design a digital menu board system that suits your menu and branding.


Develop and Deploy 

Our team develops & deploys hardware in your restaurant with staff training so you’re up and running.


Monitor and Review

Our team monitors your success and provides assistance with tweaks, system updates, and repairs along the way.

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