Healthcare Digital Signage

Improve patient experience with commercial-grade hospital digital signage

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Why Should Hospitals Use Digital Signage?

Reduce Admission Times

Help patients and visitors navigate your facility by displaying relevant content in each location.

Provide Emergency Alerts

Inform staff and patients about emerging events and educate them on specific safety procedures and health.

Eliminate Waiting Room Monotony

Use waiting room display software to showcase updates, deliver entertainment content and push relevant ads.

Healthcare Digital Signage Will Help You Run Your Facility Better Than The Rest

Visiting a hospital is already stressful for patients and families. 

Help ease their concerns with digital wayfinding boards that guide them, digital signs that educate them, and waiting room displays that keep them occupied. 

Our healthcare digital signage will:

  • Improve employee communications by broadcasting messages to any display in your network 
  • Reduce your facility’s operating expense by eliminating static signage and printing costs
  • Simplify navigation and help patients find what they’re looking for 
  • Manage all content from a single location/device

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Impact of Medical Office Signage


Message recall for people viewing digital displays


Reduction of perceived wait times at your healthcare facility


Savings with reduction in operational waste


Improvement in visitor experience & satisfaction

Available Healthcare Digital Signage Hardware

Digital Display Boards

Use electronic displays to keep patients updated about the queue, doctor availability, and expected wait time duration.

Digital Kiosks

Encourage self check-in and reduce staff tasks with interactive kiosks that guide and instruct visitors.

Video Walls

Remodel drab walls with interactive displays that broadcast weather and news feeds, medical alerts, and entertainment.

Wayfinding Solutions

Improve patient and visitor experience with wayfinding solutions that guides individuals to their intended destination

Digital Menu Boards

Promote high-ticket items at your hospital cafeteria and cafe with crystal-clear displays and HD screens.

Custom Displays

Get a fully custom display of any size, placement or function that caters to your unique requirements.

Benefits of Healthcare Digital Signage

Eradicate Congestion
Reduce overcrowding and perceived wait times with digital displays that keep patients informed on where to go, and when their appointment is scheduled.
Save on Overheads
Reduce costs of static signage such as printing and promotional materials. Reinvest the savings back into your hospital or clinic.
Boost Staff Training
Familiarize employees with new work policies, updated safety procedures and emergency room situations with digital displays in staff rooms and common areas.
Achieve 100% Compliance
Update important messages across your entire network of healthcare facilities with just the click of a button. Adhere to regulatory compliance standards, and have your entire digital signage network updated.
Upsell Services
Easily share information to your patients and staff about complementary and associated services while patients wait and increase your customer lifetime value in the process.
Elevate Your Brand
Use digital signage software to highlight your community outreach efforts, fundraising initiatives and team achievements to create a distinct healthcare brand
Our Hospital Wayfinding Process


We’ll start by understanding your needs and preferred outcomes. 



Working with you, we will craft an implementation plan and create mockups for review.


Develop and Deploy

Our expert team will track your performance over time and suggest optimizations to boost core metrics.


Monitor and Review

The work doesn’t stop at deployment. We work with your team to monitor the performance of the digital signage roll out and provide ongoing recommendations to improve performance. 


Deploy Digital Signage in Hospitals in 24 Hours or Less*:

  • Launch new interactive wayfinding solutions that engage visitors and improve staff communication
  • Make use of flexible financing options so your net monthly cash flow is largely unaffected
  • Automate manual processes and cut costs by replacing offline, static signage
  • Manage all content and communications with easy-to-use software and drag-and-drop features

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