Restaurant Digital Signage

Turn patrons into loyal customers, sell more high-margin items, and easily update your menu on-the-fly.

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Benefits of Using Digital Restaurant Menus

Sell More Food and Drink

Feature your highest margin food items and drinks, and encourage patrons to participate in promotions.

Reduce Wait Times

Help patrons make faster order decisions, and keep the lineup occupied with mouth-watering food imagery.

Update Your Menu Instantly

Use our simple software to quickly and easily update your menus -- from anywhere and at any time.

Digital Signage for Restaurants Will Help You Sell More and Spend Less

Your customers pay 10X more attention to digital menus for restaurants and bars than with static print-outs. And as a restaurant owner, in the fast-paced restaurant industry, attention is money.

We can help you capture attention and turn it into revenue with our digital restaurant menus.

Our decades of experience will help you:

  • Sell more featured items with enticing, high-resolution images of your food
  • Maximize seating capacity with user friendly hostess kiosks
  • Manage all of your screens from a single device
  • Reduce printing costs with an easy-to-update digital menu

Reduce food waste by eliminating paper-based chits and human error

Restaurant Display Concepts

The Impact of Digital Signage in Restaurants

10X More

Attention than static signage

30% Lift

In featured product sales


Growth In visitor satisfaction and experience

40% Reduction

In perceived wait times

Types of Restaurant Digital Signage

Digital Menus

Increase sales of high-margin items by featuring mouth-watering food photography on a crystal-clear, high-definition digital menu.

Digital Kiosks

Reduce wait times, streamline food delivery, and give your guests the ability to customize their own meals with interactive kiosks.

Kitchen Displays

Make orders visible to everyone in the kitchen to simplify working the pass, automate your chits, and ensure your customers always get what they order.

Digital Bulletin Board

Share new promotions, showcase glowing customer reviews, and sell advertising space on a customizable digital board -- indoors or outdoors.

Transparent LED Displays

Turn transparent surfaces (like windows) into engaging, high-resolution displays that attract foot traffic and improve your restaurant’s branding.

Bar Digital Signage

Your restaurant's digital menu shouldn’t just be limited to food. Install a digital menu for your bar to feature seasonal cocktails and other high-margin drinks.

How Digital Menus in Restaurants Drive Business

Easily Create New Menus
Use our templates and design services to quickly launch your restaurant’s digital menu and improve customer experience
Save Printing Costs
Significantly reduce printing costs for paper-based menus, menu changes, and promotional materials.
Make Customers Crave Your Food
High-resolution electronic menus for restaurants make your food look more enticing than static printouts.
Comply to Nutrient Display Requirements
Display easy to read nutrient and ingredient information for health-conscious or allergic customers.
Simplify Day Parting
Automatically update your electronic menu board based on time-of-day, and feature timed promotions using our software.
Win Customer Loyalty
Feature loyalty programs and social proofing elements (like customer reviews and social media) on digital displays to encourage repeat business and capture customer’s attention
The Digital Menu Board Solution Setup Process


We will work with you to understand your business model and objectives.


Working with you, we will create a strategic plan, and then build storyboards and produce mockups for all your digital signage content.

Develop and Deploy 

Our experts will recommend the best display formats and features for your budget — and get them deployed from beginning to end. Add your menu items to your digital food displays.


Monitor and Review

Our expert team will monitor the performance of your signage and optimize it over-time to maximize sales (and increase ROI). 


Get Brand New Restaurant Signage, as Early as Tomorrow

With Flexible Financing

  • Instantly cut costs on printing menus, nutritional information leaflets, and seasonal promos with a digital menu for restaurants
  • Launch new signage that converts, increases your average ticket, and improves your margins
  • Cut down on food-wastage from human error and unreliable paper chits

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