A basic guide to Digital Signage Software

15 April 2019

Digital Signage Content Management System (CMS), or Digital Signage software, is the system in which the content of Digital Signage screens can be managed and updated. It is basically the control system for the content that is playing on digital signage screens.


To put it simply, Digital Signage software is the method where Digital Signage displays are updated.


Understanding Network CMS and Standalone Software


Digital Signage software enables users to easily manage Digital Signage displays. A CMS also allows users to manage Digital Signage content. Users can create multi-zone templates using images, videos, as well as custom widgets such as the time and date to complete their content. In other words, the content can be displayed on multiple screens all over the world via the web simply by using this type of cloud-based CMS.


It should be noted that content is only one aspect of the CMS. Another important aspect of the CMS is the screen management. With comprehensive publishing records, Digital Signage software should be able to enable users to see what is shown on your network of screens at any time.


Through this user management aspect, administrators are able to allow certain features to specific users for the sake of a secure software solution. Keep in mind that this type of solution is dependent on the Digital Signage screen being connected to the internet. That being said, even if the screen is not connected to the internet, users can still manage their displays by using standalone software.


Third Party CMS Versus All-in-One Solutions


If you type “Digital Signage Software” on Google, countless pages of results will show up. That is because there are many software solutions that are all claiming to provide the best features in the market. However, most of these claims are simply exaggerations with little to no substance. As the majority of commercial Digital Signage displays often come with their own version of Digital Signage software, it begs the question of whether it is necessary to involve a third party software.


In most cases, when there is something wrong with Digital Signage, the problem usually lies with the screen or the software itself. This means that third-party software will most likely cause more complications when something goes wrong. By using the screen and software from the same supplier, things will be much easier to handle in the case of any malfunctions.


While Digital Signage software can work on most Digital Signage displays, there are some providers who aim to come out with all-in-one solutions to create bespoke software for their displays. Media Players, in particular, are the answer to finding software solutions as they can turn just about every display into a Digital Signage screen, including LCD Video Walls.


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