How Digital Signage Helps Fight Crime and Enforce the Law

17 October 2018


Digital Signage has become more than just a way for retailers to blast mass advertisements to tourists through high traffic areas, it has evolved into a system that helps organizations and people have a better communication channel.  Commonly, we can see this type of communication on display in areas of assembly, such as a factories where the front-end needs to communicate tasks to the back-end. The front-end needs to continue servicing customers, thus, does not have the capacity to relay messages verbally.  Digital Signage is an instantaneous, effective form of communication; so fast and effective that law enforcements have harnessed this power into helping fight crime.


Police departments have been utilizing digital signage apart of their internal communication strategy to display a combination of relevant information, such as:

  • Most Wanted Bulletins

  • Crime fighting targets and goals

  • Logistical, tactical and intelligence information

  • Training protocols and information

  • Internal notifications and news bulletins

  • Emergency notifications and alerts

  • Command and district updates

With a computer and a few simple clicks, law enforcement communications staff can make officers aware of pressing information within the station to help stay on top of crime-related matters.


Digital Signage Today wrote about how digital signage was used to help alert civilians with safety warning during the Boston Marathon bombing.  The FBI has partnerships with digital signage companies across the USA and has the ability to broadcast messages in emergency situations.  In the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, digital billboards along the highways were warning travels along the east coast to avoid Boston.  


Here in Ontario, most highway overhead signs are digital and are updated in real-time to remind drivers of simple safety precautions, road laws, upcoming construction, traffic delays, weather alerts, etc.  When introduced, Ontario Minister of Transportation Jim Bradley said, “This is good news for drivers along some of Ontario's busiest highways. Using Ontario manufacturing muscle, we are creating safer conditions for drivers and boosting our economy.”

Ontario Digital Signage


Digital signage has not only helped to fight crime, but has become a safety tool which impacts us on a daily basis.  Law enforcement officials and governments across Canada and the United States continue to use digital signage to help keep our world a safer place.