How to make your restaurant stand out using Digital Signage

24 August 2018

In the past, we've talked about how to increase sales in QSR with Digital Signage, where we offered strategic tips on how to encourage customers to increase their sales volume at quick services restaurants.  However, if QSR is not your thing, but rather offer more of a traditional dining experience, well then this post is for you!

restaurant digital signage

1. Reduce perceived wait times 
Tired of waiting in line?  Digital Signage gives customers something more exciting to look at, rather than the back of the head of the person in front of them.  This is an opportunity to display menu items, promotions, and more.  Not only will Digital Signage help reduce perceived wait times, but it will also help to temporarily distract the thought of being hungry.

2. View sales and special offers
Just prior to ordering is an excellent time to offer specials to your customers.  Dynamic Digital Signage content is attractive and may be the necessary touch in getting your customers to "upgrade to a large" when they see a video of beer pouring in slow motion.

3. Save face time and manual labour costs
Digital Signage can be updated in live time and remotely.  There is no worse feeling than finding out that your favourite item is sold out once you're ready to make a purchase - so let the customers know which items are sold out in real time.  This wastes the servers' time, and the patron now has to take extra  time to select what items he/she wishes to order.

4. Engage with social media
Successful trendy restaurants are usually great at engaging with their customers on social media.  A recent trend is automatically displaying customers' social media posts on Digital Signage displays across the restaurant in real time.  Ensure to have an automatic and/or manual filter in place to ensure all the content being displayed is positive and restaurant appropriate.  Even if posts are not displayed in real time, Digial Signage and social media can be great tools when used in unison.