Important things to look for in Digital Signage software

03 April 2019

To establish a working digital signage network, you want to make sure that you are getting your content on screens. You might want to ask a product expert how you can pull it off, but there are tons of tips that we can give you right here! If you are looking for a good, well-functioning digital signage platform, here are our recommendations for you to get started:


Choose excellent digital signage software


Your software should be able to handle essential media formats and should be able to handle them well. Whether you are using 4K video, HTML5 or whatever else, you want to make sure that your software can play out your signage efficiently and well. Save yourself the regret and pick a solution that can handle everything you might need in the first place instead of struggling later.


You want it to handle interactive content


You want to make sure that your software and screens will be able to handle dynamic content which relies on data, context, and any set triggers in order to bring more engagement. Depending on your screen location, the time of day, environmental factors, or the demographic response of your audience, these things may change. You want to create relevance with interactive content to increase engagement as well. You want your software to be ahead of the game and for it to be able to do anything your business will need it to and more.


You want scalable software


There are so many digital signage content management platforms that can manage smaller networks, but that might not be the cut for you. If you are looking into your business growth, you should find a platform that can grow with you. This may mean investing in software with features you might not need right this second but might use in the future. Plan in advance by getting something you can always use and grow with. You want something with upgrading probability; it's better to plan ahead and plan to scale.


It should allow for automated delivery


Most digital signage software today will make users manually set up and manage their content playlists for their screens. You want to choose a system that allows you to automate these processes. You should be able to set times and dates for content delivery so that you do not have to worry about monitoring it, you can manage it better, and you can plan ahead. You may also want to look for a platform that includes programmatic sales so that you can allow trusted clients to purchase things without the need of a team to oversee the transaction.


Find something that allows integration


You want software that can integrate with other tech APIs in order to integrate analytics, facial recognition, and exclusive tech in its signage strategies. This will allow you to extend functionality and create an engaging experience for all onlookers. You want to find a platform that allows real-time access to network availability and a proposal creation process that will enable your team to streamline the process.


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