24 May 2019

7 tips on how to make the most out of your digital signage campaign

Digital signage is the future of the advertising industry. It allows you to display your ads on a high-resolution screen through other forms of media such as music and videos. This makes digital signage a perfect option for any brand that’s looking to establish themselves in the market today.

15 May 2019

Four Digital Signage Trends in 2019 - What To Know

In an increasingly digital world, products and services are advertised on glowing screens and touch-enabled monitors. Vivid colors and content surround us on all sides, jostling for our attention.

10 May 2019

The Advantages Of Digital Signage For Local Business

Advertising has gone far beyond displaying digital signage in public places and commercial spaces. You can see television screens installed in stores, restaurants, commercial offices, and business centres showing products and services being advertised for promotional purposes.


03 May 2019

Why You Should Consider Getting A Digital Menu Board

In order to thrive in this digital age, it is imperative that every aspect of your business needs to adapt to keep up. If you run a restaurant or any type of business that involves a menu, then it is time that you consider making a change to yours.


29 April 2019

Key Steps To Implement Digital Signage Into Your School

The use of digital signage varies across schools all over the world. Digital signage can be used to promote school events, give directions, broadcast emergency messages, and convey important information.

17 April 2019

What Features To Look For In Digital Signage Solutions

When you’re in the market for a digital signage software system, you want to make sure that you consider all your options based on the features, applications, and results you will get from these systems.

15 April 2019

A basic guide to Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Content Management System (CMS), or Digital Signage software, is the system in which the content of Digital Signage screens can be managed and updated. It is basically the control system for the content that is playing on digital signage screens.