08 November 2017

How Digital Signage has replaced corkboard communication in offices:

How does your workplace communicate information without flooding your inbox?  In your common areas, such as a break-room, does your workplace still use corkboards with bulletins pinned?  This is the traditional form of “corporate messaging” that has been used for decades.  Although

digital signage times square
25 September 2017

What is Digital Signage?

You’re not alone if you’ve heard the term “Digital Signage”, but are unclear of what it means.  Nowadays, most people in Canada and USA have some sort of interaction with Digital Signage on a daily basis without even realizing, but what exactly is “Digital Signage”?


VIEWitMEDIA Digital Signage Solutions
25 July 2017

How Digital Signage Improves Office Productivity

When discussing the topic of how digital signage benefits companies, initial thoughts are often limited to how the customers’ experience is impacted.  Effective use of digital signage can also be a great internal resource that helps keep employees on-track and motivated.  According to

28 June 2017

VIEWitMEDIA’s Open House Was a Success!

VIEWitMEDIA would like to thank everyone who showed up to our OPEN HOUSE.  The day was a big success, and it was all thanks to you!  The Honourable Mayor of Vaughan, Maurizio Bevilacqua&nbs

25 May 2017

How Digital Signage can help improve guest experience at a restaurant

VIEWitMEDIA has helped many restaurants come to life through Digital Signage. A common request that we receive from restaurant owners, “do you set up menu-displaying TV screens for restaurants?”.  Although our terms are more technical than “restaurant TV screens”, yes, we do.

VIEWitMEDIA at Digital Signage Expo - DSE
15 March 2017

Meet us at DSE 2017, we'll be walking the show!

DSE is the world's largest and longest running conference and trade show exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital display and interactive technology solutions for customer and employee communications.