03 October 2018

Things to do with Digital Signage

Today, Digital displays are one of the most exploited advertising platforms. This being the fact that it offers more informative and interactive content to its users.

24 August 2018

How to make your restaurant stand out using Digital Signage

In the past, we've talked about how to increase sales in QSR with Digital Signage, where we offered strategic tips on how to encourage customers to increase their sales volume at quick services restaurants.  However, if

03 July 2018

The advantages of using Digital Signage in education

Educational institutions, whether elementary, high school, or post-secondary, are an essential part of society's foundation.  It is imperative for educational institutions to be running efficiently so that next generations will be prepared to enter the work-world and continue to help ma

01 May 2018

BORING retail is dead, physical retail is not

The past decade has seen a drastic change in the way that consumers buy goods; from clothes to groceries, the internet has given consumers new ways to browse and compare items.  More than 70 million square feet of retail space is set to close down in 2018 within the United States (sourc

30 January 2018

How to increase sales in QSR

Digital Signage is a fast-growing trend, especially in the quick service restaurant industry.  QSRs have leveraged the power of Digital Signage to help grow their business to new levels, by giving their customers unique experiences which encourage them to feel more at ease in their purchasin

31 December 2017

The Naughty and Nice list of Digital Signage (dos and don'ts) of Digital Signage

We're almost into 2018 now, and Digital Signage has continued to shape the way that information is broadcasted in our world.  Innovative companies that have made the switch to Digital Signage have found digital messages have greater retention than those that are static.  So if