Where To Put Digital Signage

touch screen digital signage toronto
21 March 2019

Marketing is all about learning how to direct attention and keeping it focused on you to ensure that the message is conveyed effectively. Bombarding the audience with information is not a viable option in this case, as it will confuse the audience, hurting the campaign more than enhancing it. Visual media has been a concern for marketers for decades. It is a dilemma that has not been solved for many years.


Should a brand opt to pay more for a beautiful, coloured sign, or settle for static signage with minimal aesthetic appeal? Digital signage helps to provide a brand with a middle ground that answers this question once and for all. Digital signs can be used to showcase the campaign through LED screens with beautiful HD display, helping to enhance the aesthetic value of your marketing campaigns.


The key to an effective marketing strategy is finding the perfect balance between visual elements and getting the message across, which is something that digital signage can do very proficiently. Therefore, the only issue a brand will have to be concerned about is the placement of their signs. Digital signage is an investment which requires strategy – more than simply pinning posters to walls – which is why preplanning is imperative in achieving success through a digital signage strategy.


Listed below are some of the best locations to use digital signage:



Everyone needs to go to a bank to handle some errands once in a while, which makes them one of the best places to place a digital sign. It guarantees that the impression on the digital signs will always remain as high as possible, as the traffic around banks is typically quite dense. Whether it is outside the building or in the lobby area, a digital sign will be a centre of attention for everyone at the bank.

College Campuses


Colleges and campuses always have a high number of people commuting from one place to the other, which is an opportunity to generate digital signage impressions. The issue with advertising on campuses is that the traffic will reduce significantly during semester breaks, leading to a much lower impression rate during these times of the year.  Seasonality will need to be taken into consider when creating a content strategy.


Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities


Hospitals are also great locations in which to place digital signs, as there is a diverse group of people who walk through those gates every day. Whether they are patients, visitors, or staff members, these people come from all walks of life, which means that you can appeal to various target groups at the same time.  Interactive digital wayfinding solutions can also be used in hospitals to help guide visitors to their destination without needing assistance from hospital staff.




Restaurants offer a unique opportunity to use digital signage because the customer has already been acquired by stepping foot through the doors.  At this point, it’s all about selling and upselling – displaying promotions, add-on, and weekly specials which will entice them to return at a later date.  Digital signage has been proven to generate an uplift in sales vs static signage, which is why most of the major restaurant chains (both quick service restaurants and sit-downs) have made the investment of switching to digital.


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