Why your business should be investing in Digital Signage

06 March 2019

Businesses are always searching for more ways to establish meaningful connections with their customers and/or clients. Traditional static signs and banners have always been the go-to method of advertising, which has been effective but inefficient medium. The issue with traditional signage is that the signs are usually made of non-recyclable materials such as plastic and vinyl. Not only are these materials harmful to the environment, but they require constant maintenance, and their longevity will vary depending on their condition.  Static signage has been used by businesses for over a century, with very little technological advancements aside from print quality.


These are issues that businesses don’t have to worry about when it comes to digital signage, as everything will be displayed digitally. No environmental waste, no manual tasks in rotating content! In this article, we’ll talk about the four major benefits of digital signage and why you should invest in it for your business today.


1. Allows for real-time update


Digital signs can be updated at any time, and the changes will be on display immediately.  Advertisement costs can be cut down by not having to produce the signs and have them posted everywhere. VIEWitMEDIA will provide you with state-of-the-art content management software which will automate manual tasks.

2. Saves money

One of the issues with traditional print signage is that they lack the ability to display multiple messages.  In order to do so, multiple prints and physical space is required, thus increasing print costs and real estate costs. When it comes to digital signage, there are no variable printing costs. The investment is in the upfront technology, which is more impactful than print and is more cost-effective in the longrun. 


3. Promote your brand through storytelling


You’re not limited to static images when you use digital signage, which means that you can create a story through the series of rotating images or even a short video about your brand.  Dynamic content is more stimulating and captivating than static imagery.  More impressions will be made, and messages will be have greater recall.


You can use digital signs to tell a story about your brand, and it will help to generate some buzz around your brand. This, in turn, will drive more sales! Digital signage can also be used as an extension of your branding efforts, and it will help to promote a more positive brand experience. This, in turn, will help to improve your brand recognition and authority.

4. Improves your upsell campaign

Upselling can be a challenging task for businesses, but can be a key difference in creating a lift in revenue. Emotional cues can help customers see and feel the need for purchasing items that are being up-sold.  Printed posters lack the ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of products in use. 


If you’re looking for digital signage solutions in Canada, VIEWitMEDIA is your best option. Get in touch today to see how we can help!