Corporate Digital Signage

Improve staff productivity, employee engagement, and internal communication with easy-to-use workplace digital signage

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Establish Effective Lines of Communication

Create Internal Brand Ambassadors

Keep employees in the loop of company achievements and convert them into brand ambassadors with digital signs for businesses.

Decrease Employee Turnover

Create team leader boards, effectively recognize individuals, increase employee loyalty, and lower turnover rates with corporate digital signage.

Boost Your Brand

Make your office and brand more memorable with video walls, personalized messages, and targeted content.
Retail Store Digital Signage

Corporate Digital Signage Allows For Relevant And Targeted Communication

69% of employees say they would work harder if their achievements were recognized. Electronic display boards for offices supercharge motivation, promote company-wide transparency, deliver important updates and announcements, and assist in visually communicated messaging.

Take control of your entire company’s messaging with easy to use and easy to update software. We offer industry-leading, enterprise-grade software to:

  • Eliminate static signage boards and reduce clutter
  • Instantly display upcoming training programs and social events
  • Easily showcase your brand and CSR initiatives to visitors
  • Spotlight high-achieving employees and teams
  • Announce results of marketing campaigns and promotions

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The Impact of Office Digital Signage Solutions


Improvement in visitor and customer satisfaction


More attention than static signage


Boost in employee productivity


Improvement in brand recall

Available Workplace Digital Signage Formats


Reduce manual reception tasks (like office sign-in) with interactive kiosks that greet, guide, and help visitors.

Electronic Whiteboards

Increase meeting participation and engagement, and improve recall of meeting details with electronic whiteboards that allow teleconferencing and real-time collaboration.

Waiting Room Signage

Drastically reduce perceived wait times, keep visitors engaged with your brand, and display helpful welcome messages.

Video Walls

Transform your drab lobbies and break rooms. Upsell your products using digital signage that showcase key features.

Large Format Displays

Broadcast important announcements instantly across all office locations and promote corporate transparency.

Meeting Room Displays

Create shared calendars, help people book rooms in advance, and prevent overbooking by making schedules visible to everyone.

How Does Workplace Communication Signage Benefit You?

Promote Corporate Transparency
Display presentations, company updates, and social events on crystal-clear HD screens with content that can be managed and uploaded remotely.
Make an Impression on Visitors
Wow potential customers and upsell visitors as corporate display signage helps spotlight service enhancements, product upgrades, and new launches.
Increase Employee Satisfaction
Deploy digital boards in high traffic locations so your staff stays in the loop of company updates, gets recognized for stellar work, and never feels alone.
Take Major Steps Towards a Paperless Office
Gradually eliminate printing and paper procurement costs. Broadcast new corporate messages, memos, announcements, and news simultaneously across field locations.
Deploy Consistent Messaging
Boost your corporate brand and ensure vision alignment with regular and consistent messaging to all employees, onsite contractors, and visitors.
Make Meetings More Productive
Win more attention, encourage interactivity, and make the content of your meetings easier to recall by installing electronic whiteboards in your meeting rooms.
Our Process


We will take stock of your existing office signage requirements and strategize a custom plan.


Our experts work with your team to integrate custom images and brand storytelling elements. 


Develop and Deploy 

Working with you, we’ll help choose screens that match your budget and install everything to your satisfaction.


Monitor and Review

Our expert team will manage all hardware and software assets, for maximum uptime and performance.

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Deploy your digital signage corporate communications in 24 hours

  • Make use of flexible financing options to reach internal communication goals without breaking the bank. 
  • Change messages with just a few clicks using VIEWitMEDIA’s industry leading software.

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