You are currently viewing VIEWitMEDIA announces their new COVID-19 Response Division to support Health Protocols in commercial and corporate environments

VIEWitMEDIA announces their new COVID-19 Response Division to support Health Protocols in commercial and corporate environments

Special Kiosks answer the need to help people stay safe as businesses and schools reopen.

Toronto, ON, June 3rd , 2020: VIEWitMEDIA, a Toronto-based Digital signage company, is introducing SaniStation Kiosks with digital screens to display changing regulations and location-specific information, personal protection equipment (PPE) including temperature sensors, automated sanitizer dispensers, masks, gloves, and optional people counters to manage traffic flow.

As governments gradually reopen commercial, corporate and educational spaces, the need to abide by the ongoing changes in health regulations is extremely high. The province of British Columbia for instance, one of the first to begin reopening, has outlined detailed and strict guidance for different organizations to follow. For example, some retail are being asked to take steps to ensure physical distancing in their stores, erect sneeze guards at cash registers to protect their employees, and “place hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol in dispensers near doors, pay stations and other high-touch locations for customer and staff use”.

“People, whether their going to work, school, shopping or visiting a medical centre, need to be confident that the environment they are in is complying with health regulations and providing a safe space,” says Doug Munroe, V.P. Business Development at VIEWitMEDIA. “Although the onus is on us all to do our part, all public environments are going to have to display assurances that their area is safe and provide the means for everyone to abide by government guidance.”

To support this, VIEWitMEDIA has opened a new division committed to helping property managers, stores and restaurants, schools and medical environments establish and promote safety through the use of digital sign kiosks that include sanitizer dispensers, PPE, visitor traffic monitoring and more. These slim-lined kiosks can stand-alone or be mounted to the walls at the entrance of any building, near information centres, or anywhere where traffic is high. Although different kiosks offer different features, the following options are available:

SaniStation Kiosk Features:

• 21.5” Digital Screen with Media Player
• CMS Software
• Temperature Sensor Gun that informs the visitor of the current temperature
• No-touch hand sanitizer dispenser with notification when it is time to refill
• Optional Dispenser boxes for gloves and masks
• Content Creation and Management – if you are not interested in handling the content yourself
• Traffic Management People Counters to help with guidelines around location capacity and social distancing


“The real advantage to this kind of signage, right at the entrance of the location, is to provide up-to-date information about the premise’s safety policies and promote the use of health protocol,” says Doug Munroe. “And, if you like, you can even split the screen or add to the play list, useful messaging or in-store ads and promotions that will run while the visitor is using the sanitizer dispenser.”

And because finding, ordering and reordering PPE and proper sanitizer can be a frustrating task, as a part of their new COVID-19 Response Division, VIEWitMEDIA is also offering a full range of these products which the customer can purchased individually or in conjunction with the kiosks.

For more information about VIEWitMEDIA’s SaniStations, please contact Doug Munroe at 647.295.1800 or visit the website at


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