Design Solutions

Digital Solution Design Services

Choosing the right hardware and software for your digital signage solution is an important part of building out a successful network however, it is not where the journey begins. With over 20 years’ experience in the Digital Signage-Merchandising Industry, VIEWitMEDIA will work with you to help build out your network objectives, align your communication and marketing goals in order to achieve measurable success.

Integrating a Digital network into your overall communication strategy is an important part of the process. Our team will work with you in providing insight into the most successful networks in the industry. Understanding the keys to a successful network is critical and regardless of the software and hardware chosen, we are in a position to help. By using our Solution Design Services, we will work with you in developing the proper messages and objectives for your network.

Creative Services

The term “Content is King” is one of those terms we’ve seen every day since Bill Gates first coined it back in 1996 in relation to the internet. The Digital Signage industry is no different. Like the term or not, you can deploy the latest and greatest displays with a cutting-edge CMS, but if you publish stale and irrelevant content the customer reaction or response is not going to meet your expectations. If we want to engage and attract the wanted response for our DS network content needs to be compelling and relevant to our viewers. VIEWitMEDIA’s creative team will work with you in planning and creating content that will meet your expectations and align with your company’s overall communication strategy. 

Video Wall

Marketing and Branding initiatives can be spectacular on Video Walls in a way not possible with other media. Video Walls present the opportunity for your creative teams to build visually engaging and immersive experiences due to their sheer size and shape.

With multiple high-resolution (including 4K) displays, businesses can accomplish nearly anything they can imagine. Ultra-thin bezels and high-resolution provide a great canvas to not just display information but to create an eye-catching and mood-setting piece of Art.