Electronic Whiteboard

Keep students, employees, and clients engaged in presentations and meetings with interactive touch screen whiteboards.

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Take Advantage of Our Interactive Whiteboards


Control your electronic whiteboard by drawing, writing, or moving content with a smartpen or your finger.


Our interactive whiteboards offer a collaborative workspace that can be used by multiple users at the same time.

Flexible Content

Share all types of content such as videos, sound clips, and images with your interactive blackboard.


Schedule and conduct Zoom meetings and video calls directly with your interactive whiteboards.


Deliver student success with online learning and digital lessons through integrated lessons, video and screen sharing.

Benefits of Going With VIEWitMEDIA For Your Interactive Whiteboards Needs

Work with the #1 digital signage provider in North America. We can help you find, implement and install your whiteboard.  And with our flexible financing options, we can implement an interactive whiteboard solution that fits your budget. 

  • We design custom interactive whiteboards for schools and businesses. 
  • All our touch screen whiteboards are guaranteed by warranty and include professional installation, user training, and ongoing support.
  • Write, draw, share media, edit files, and save presentations and other media directly on your interactive whiteboard.
  • Connect your screen to laptops, tablets or other devices for convenient two-way collaboration.
  • Interactive whiteboards can display real-time data and media files, including video conferences.
  • Students can interact with media directly on this interactive blackboard or view lessons and presentations on other devices, such as tablets or laptops, from their own desks

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Keep Employees and Clients Engaged During Meetings
  • Incorporate dynamic content, including videos, video conferencing, and real-time reporting in your presentations to keep employees engaged.
  • Impress clients and potential customers in sales presentations by displaying interactive content using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Connect your electronic whiteboard to endpoints such as laptops and tablets to allow employees to save and interact with materials that have been presented.

Interactive Whiteboards By the Numbers

97 %
Of students prefer digital learning
70 %
Of colleges are using digital technologies in the classroom.
More engagement using digital technologies
Increase in employee productivity.

Benefits of Our Electronic Whiteboard Solutions

Improve Learning
Interactive whiteboards for schools offer students hands-on learning experience and immerse themselves in the lesson.
Capture Attention
Using interactive whiteboards for business means capturing employees’ attention like never before using dynamic content.
Accelerate Productivity
Eliminate the need to switch between devices when presenting information to students or employees.
Save and Recall Content
Your electronic whiteboard allows you to easily save, edit, and recall content right on the screen.
Our team of experts will work with you to determine interactive whiteboard prices, sizes, and features that are best suited to your needs.
High Quality
Our electronic whiteboards offer schools and businesses a high-quality, long-lasting digital solution.
Our Process


Our experts provide you with an in-depth assessment to determine your needs, budget, and the best solution for your school or business.



Our designers come up with a custom solution that includes the features you need and fits within your space.


Develop and Deploy 

Our professional technicians will build and install your electronic whiteboard using your own specifications and provide user training.


Monitor and Review

We will continually provide you with ongoing support and maintenance for your any of your interactive whiteboard needs.

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