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The Impact of Video Walls


More engagement over static signage.


Communication compliance across all locations.


Unique video wall solution, tailored to your needs.


Increase in brand awareness

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Benefits of Video Walls

Versatile Visuals

Your promotions, product launches, and brand stories - all current, queued, and ready to convert.

Effortless Implementation

No need to switch out physical photos, lettering, or signage: changes can be made instantly with the click of a button.

Powerful Brand Presence

Instantly establish your brand experience at the front desk, in the office, or at the checkout counter.

Envision a Better Experience with Video Wall Displays

Get help delivering your message with a team of experts that has over 40+ years of experience deploying digital signage. 

Why work with VIEWitMEDIA for your video wall displays: 

  • Your brand experience, your way. We custom-create your seamless video wall project to meet your needs and your budget.
  • End-to-end service. Our award winning full-service treatment covers everything from hardware, software, design, and ongoing managed support.

A fresh, modern look. Even customers that don’t read traditional signage will look to large scale video walls for information and engagement. 

The Best Digital Signage Company in North America

Video walls we’ve installed to date.
Years of expertise in digital signage.
Digital signs we’ve deployed across north america.
Our Video Wall Solutions and Services

Video Walls in Your Industry*


Draw in customers from a distance, with the latest deals and promotions.


Use video walls to send a message and make your presence unmistakable.

Banking & Financial Services

Promote new financial products, and save time by promoting to multiple customers at once.


Engage and inform your students with high resolution video wall displays.


Inform and entertain your guests with attention grabbing displays.


Make car-buying a memorable experience for your customers.

How Video Walls Will Drive Your Business

Stop and Look
Attract the eye with a full 4K digital wall that captures and engages your visitors.
Instantly Update Displays
Inform your visitors with the most up-to-date information instantly and easily with a drag-and-drop interface.
Engage Visitors
Create experiences that convert visitors into customers with multi screen video walls that have touch screen capabilities.
Cut Printing Costs
Pamphlets, flyers, wall posters, and front-window mesh signs can cost you thousands. Your 4K video wall will cut video wall costs while boosting sales.
Customize Your Look
Your LCD video wall system can be completely customized to meet your business needs.
Modernize Your Space
Create unique experiences with the latest LED video wall technology that keeps you one step ahead of your competitors.
Our Process


We’ll work with you to outline a messaging strategy that fits your target market and industry.



We’ll plan and create mockups that are designed to convert your visitors into customers.


Develop and Deploy 

We’ll supply & install everything from video wall controllers,  video wall mounts, and video wall panels.


Monitor and Review

Once your video wall processor and display is in place, we keep working for you.

Stay Top of Mind With Interactive Experiences

Start as early as tomorrow 

  • Maximize your ROI by using targeted messaging on a large scale screen.
  • Warranties? No problem. Avoid headaches while we manage your warranties for you, and ensure your screens stay running. 
  • Get started right away, with rollouts as soon as 24 hours.*
  • Engage 24/7 with screens that are always up and running.


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